An organized venue, apart from CME, for the trade of securities, commodities or derivative instruments including, but not limited to, futures, options, options on futures or Security Futures Products. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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marketplace mar‧ket‧place [ˈmɑːktpleɪs ǁ ˈmɑːr-] noun [countable usually singular] COMMERCE
the activities involved in buying and selling a particular type of goods or services, in competition with other companies:

• Developmentsin the marketplace require that we reduce our costs to remain competitive.

• Excessive pay is hurting America's ability to compete in the international marketplace.

marketplace for

• the rapidly changing marketplace for toys

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marketplace UK US /ˈmɑːkɪtpleɪs/ noun [C] COMMERCE
[usually singular] MARKETING a place where a particular product or service is bought or sold, or the conditions for buying and selling there: enter/reach the marketplace »

Better quality diamonds produced in laboratories have been entering the marketplace.

control/dominate a marketplace »

The company has the ability to dominate a marketplace even while branching out from its core product.

compete in/succeed in a marketplace »

Small employers frequently struggle to compete in the marketplace.

the global/international marketplace »

To remain competitive the company has to be able to adapt to the changing international marketplace.

the marketplace for sth »

She helped create the marketplace for handcrafted computer cases.


It's essential that we maintain our position in the marketplace.

a competitive/crowded marketplace »

How do we promote our music in an already crowded marketplace?


the financial/insurance/technology marketplace

(also market square) a small outside area in a town designed for holding markets: »

I'll meet you in the marketplace next to the fountain.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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